When Someone Dies

When a death occurs it can sometimes be expected and sometimes not. If you have never experienced the death of a family member or close friend, nothing can prepare you for the tide of emotions that are going to sweep across you uncontrollably.

'I never got to say goodbye'
'How will I/we cope without them'
'What do I do next? '

These are just a few of the questions you will face. Always remember, you are never alone, there are people who are here to help you.

'It was like a big earthquake. It shook us all up and dumped us in the middle of nowhere. I reckon on the Richter scale, sudden death like this must measure at least a 10. And the aftershocks keep happening too. I knew that unexpected things can happen in life and that we can't control the world, but I never thought my family or I would have to deal with anything like this. ' - Peter.

When someone dies at home
First, contact the deceased person's doctor. The doctor will need to issue a Certificate as to Cause of Death.
Next contact the funeral home.

When someone dies in an accident
The police will (if required) arrange for the deceased to be taken to a public mortuary. At this point you may contact a funeral director to make arrangements.

The coroner will investigate the cause of death. There may be the need for a post mortem examination or autopsy. The coroner may decide to hold an inquest into the death. This is a formal hearing in a court of law. Even if a coroner is involved, it is still necessary to contact a funeral director.

In a hospital or nursing home
A person in charge will be able to assist with formalities, and arrange for the doctor to issue the Medical Certificate of Death.

You will then need to contact a funeral director to make the necessary arrangements.

If someone dies overseas
First contact can be your Funeral Director, the systems for dealing with deaths vary from country to country.

Your funeral director in New Zealand will be able to help you with all the arrangements and paperwork.

If you require clarification of any information or need any help of any kind, please call our office.


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